6 Foot tree stand

Cinco 6 Advantage

For Tree size up to 183cm (6ft)

Truck size: Up to 10cm(4")

Water Capacity 3 Litres

Overall Size: 35cm


8 Foot Tree Stand

Cinco 8 Advantage

Tree Size: Up to 244cm (8ft)

Truck Size: Up to 14cm(6")

Water Capacity: 4.75 Litres

Overall Size: 40cm dia



Cinco 10 Advantage

Tree size: Up to 305cm ( 10ft )

Trunk size: Up to 15cm ( 6ins )

Water capacity: 6.2 litres

Overall size:51 cm ( 20ins )

Additional features: Steel spikes in centre to anchor tree.

Reinforced holes on outer edge to allow attachment to plywood for added stability.